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A number of years ago I had started a basic recording (on a keyboard workstation) when my keyboard ran into problems, and I pretty much lost the use of the recording function on it. I was able to salvage only a small bit of the feel and sense of the song. That tune has been sitting in my brain for years. Last year I decided to do something about it.

I recreated the tune on my newer Korg Triton keyboard (also ailing!) and finished it off. When I moved the tracks onto ProTools, I only had a working title – "Say Something". I didn't know what the lyrics would say at first. But the wonders of singing "anything' into the mic began to reveal some thoughts about 'saying something'. After the basic song came together with the lyrics built around the title, I got my main guitar pal Jamie Philp to come in and play some cool rhythm and lead parts. Nik Kozub came in to play bass. I think he was 'reading' what I like, and he tapped into the spirit of Beach Boys/Brian Wilson/Carol Kaye bass sensibility. When Clint Frazier came in to play drums on the tune, he hadn't heard it before. I just asked him to react to the song . . . and to play something 'disco' in the middle section. Wow – these guys nailed it! That's why they are my pals! (not the only reason, though).

When I started the recording of this song, I was thinking of Ian Dury and the Blockheads. I used to listen to "Do It Yourself" a lot. TAXI!!! And when I was singing my lyrics, I felt like Lou Reed.
Do you get that???

I'm so glad that I salvaged this tune. It wasn't easy, but I think it turned out pretty darn good.


Say Something
By Wilfred Kozub

There’s something on your mind and there is something on mine
When I ask you what you think, you can’t think of anything
I’m not the nosey kind but I can’t read your mind
What I get is what I see and it’s all good with me.

But when you’re so sad
I feel so bad
I just want to tell you

Say something funny to me
Say something clever to me
Say something stupid to me
Just don’t say nothing to me

When you make little sounds I know you’re in a foul mood
And you give me a look – Awww it just doesn’t feel good
I maybe make a joke – Aww you know that I care
I’m may be bein’ sincere, but I’m just dyin’ out there

Please don’t cry
You know I try to try
Don’t be so shy

Say something funny to me
Say something clever to me
Say something stupid to me
Just don’t say nothing to me

Aww what’s gonna become of us – well I said that before
Well I don’t know either – yeah, it makes me wonder for sure
I wish you’d just say something – something . . . anything!

You know, silence is beautiful but . . .
Please don’t cry . . don’t cry
Don’t be so sad

Say something funny to me
Say something clever to me
Say something stupid to me
Just don’t say nothing to me

Say some sweet nothin’ to me
Say somethin’ somethin’ to me
Say somethin’ heavy to me
That might have meaning to me

Say somethin’ stupid to me . . . don’t say nothin’

Copyright, ©, 2016, by Wilfred Kozub/Zönik Music Productions (SOCAN)


from Passing Through Time, released January 20, 2017
Wilfred Kozub – vocals, keyboards, guitars, finger pops + claps
Jamie Philp – rhythm and lead guitar
Clint Frazier – drums
Nik Kozub – electric bass



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Wilfred N & the Grown Men Edmonton, Alberta

Wilfred N & the Grown Men are a pop/rock institution in their home town of Edmonton, Canada. With roots in the New Wave scene of the early 80s, the group reliably offers up a striking set of tuneful and significant new songs of imagination and depth.

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