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It was kinda disappointing to me when the scientists got together and decided to toss Pluto out of the solar system . . . de-classified as a mere dwarf planet floating around in the Kuiper Belt. Sigh. Oh well, I got over it. And then I was positively delighted when, in 2015, NASA's New Horizons space probe got some stunning photos of Pluto and its moons that showed it to be pretty darn intriguing and beautiful! It made me feel good . . . like Pluto.

Here's something you might be interested in. That low voice you hear singing "so - hooo cold" . . . and, later in the tune, "I'm home,' is Edmonton's Ryan Christian Anderson. Ryan and Rebecca (from the band F&M) were over at our house to have some wine and to talk about the arts and Portugal. We got to talking about music and, a few bottles of wine later, I remembered that there was a vocal part in "Pluto" that I was struggling with. It was too low for my vocal range, so I asked Ryan if he might want to come upstairs to my studio to record a part "right now". Ryan was up for it. I fired up the tune on my ProTools and got Ryan to sing the 'so - ho cold' business, then he spontaneously added the 'I'm home' part on the tag. He nailed it! Just what I wanted. Thanks Ryan!


by Wilfred Kozub

I didn’t have to be another superstar
How many do we need?
Sometimes it’s like I’m floating in a Kuiper belt
And I don’t know what that means
Sometimes . . . I feel . . . I’ve been left out in the cold . . .

Pluto – so o cold
Pluto – so o cold
Pluto – so o cold
Pluto – so o cold
Pluto – so o cold
– so o cold

It’s not so great to be declassified
When no one notices at all
Yeah it really, really, really is impossible
To have a pulse at all

It’s hopeless sometimes – silence is deafening
Mostly it feels like nothing is ever happening

(Pluto, Pluto, Pluto . . . my little Plutino)

Pluto (I’m home)

Pluto (I’m home) Come home

Pluto (I’m home) Come home

Pluto (I’m home) Come home

Pluto (I’m home) Come home

Pluto (I’m home) Come home

Pluto Come home . . . Come home

Copyright, ©, 2015, by Wilfred Kozub (socan)


from Passing Through Time, released January 20, 2017
Wilfred Kozub - vocals, keyboards, guitars, percussion
Jamie Philp - guitars
Clint Frazier - drums
Ryan Christian Anderson - additional vocals



all rights reserved


Wilfred N & the Grown Men Edmonton, Alberta

Wilfred N & the Grown Men are a pop/rock institution in their home town of Edmonton, Canada. With roots in the New Wave scene of the early 80s, the group reliably offers up a striking set of tuneful and significant new songs of imagination and depth.

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